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Your first appointment with us is designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet our team and determine your goals and aspirations from orthodontic treatment. We often find that our patients want orthodontic treatment but aren’t sure exactly what they need or what type of treatment they can benefit from. This first consultation, where you can ask our specialist orthodontists questions about treatment, helps to clarify what treatment you could benefit from.

Orthodontic assessment

During your first visit, one of our specialist orthodontists, Dr Sanj or Dr Fabiana, will exam your teeth and take measurements of your face and jaw joints. This allows them to make an informed recommendation on the best treatment for you. In some instances this may be one type of braces; in other instances you may have a choice.

We will then discuss these potential treatment options with you and whether you are ready for treatment. There are three common outcomes from your initial examination:

  • Treatment is not required
  • Treatment is advisable, but should be delayed until dental and facial growth is most appropriate for treatment to occur
  • Treatment is recommended, and it is best to proceed now.

If our specialist orthodontists believe you could benefit from treatment, they will give you the option of having diagnostic records taken, depending on your needs. These include digital extra and intraoral photographs.

Diagnostic records costs:

Digital photographs $50
Study models $80
X-rays $0

We will recommend a local x-ray clinic that will bulk bill you because you’re one of our very special patients!

Second appointment

Your second appointment is a Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment Planning session which costs $45. This session is carried out before treatment starts so our specialist orthodontists can assess the type of orthodontic problem you have, the treatment you would most benefit from, and the fees involved.

Prior to this visit, we will evaluate your diagnostic records and provide an in-depth analysis of your treatment needs. This analysis will be provided to you in a detailed explanation which we will give to both you and your dentist. This outlines your orthodontic requirements and enables you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with treatment.

Throughout your treatment journey, we will keep you informed of all procedures and any potential fees involved. At each appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss the progress of your treatment.

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